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Writing for our blog is a great opportunity for individuals to share their knowledge and unique insights with a wider audience. Aspiring authors and contributors are welcome to submit their high-quality content to us, and we are excited to read and potentially publish your work.

Why Should You Write for Us?

If you have knowledge and ideas that you think would be valuable to our readers, we encourage you to write a guest post for our blog. We cover a wide range of topics and welcome submissions on any of these subjects.

Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post

We want to ensure that our readers receive high-quality and engaging content, and we have established guidelines to help expedite the evaluation process of submissions.

Content Quality is essential. We only accept well-researched and unique content that is both informative and interesting. Visitors and search engines alike appreciate high-quality material.

Content-Length: Articles should have a minimum word count of 500 words to provide our readers with comprehensive and in-depth information and max word count is 3000 words.

Issues: The subject matter of your article should be financial or related to our categories. Your content must be original, of high quality, and must not have been previously published online. We do not permit external links in the first paragraph of an article.

What to Write for Us: We welcome guest posts on a variety of topics related to finance, business, insurance, health, job skills, parenting, gardening, travel and etc.

Article for The Reader: Our content is intended for readers of different ages, backgrounds, genders, identities, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. We ask that all guest authors treat our readers with respect and decency in their writing.

Grammar & Structure: All guest posts will be checked for grammar errors. Organizing your thoughts before writing will lead to well-structured content that engages readers. The title and abstract are crucial in grabbing the reader’s attention.

External Links: We only accept one backlink in the text, which must refer to a related post on your blog. Guest posts with multiple links will be rejected, and we do not allow links to third-party or commercial sites. Avoid including links in the first paragraph.

Selling: We do not permit posts that sell goods or services. We request that our guest authors avoid doing so in the name of guest posting. Submit news or content that is related to finance, business, or insurance.

Affiliate Links: We do not permit affiliate links in guest articles. Guest writers are advised to refrain from posting unauthorized affiliate links, as we rely on reader loyalty and do not want to diminish that loyalty in any way.

Publishing Time: We receive numerous submissions daily and take the time to thoroughly review each one to ensure high-quality content. Once we have accepted your guest post, sit back and relax, knowing that we will publish it as soon as possible.

Editorial Rights: We reserve the right to make any changes necessary to meet our publication and content guidelines. Once an article is published on our website, it cannot be used elsewhere.

Post Refusal/Removal: We only publish high-quality content that is relevant to our readers. We reserve the right to remove any article from our site without explanation if it does not meet our standards.

How Can You Contact Us to Submit Your Guest Post?

To submit a guest post, please use this form to provide us with your ideas and suggestions. Once we publish your articles, they will be available on our website for readers to enjoy. Writing for our blog is a great way to share your knowledge and insights with others, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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